Career MEMCO Group


memco is an electrical/mechanical contracting group, based in the Middle East. The quality of our service products and their reliable delivery are fundamental to the projection of a culture of excellence and the sustainability of our company. The objective of this management system is to provide a basis for quality and for continuing improvement in our standards of performance, levels of service and our products. The implementation and ongoing development of the system is the responsibility of all partners, managers and staff. Modern Electro Mechanical Engineering Co. LLC was established in May 1990 and covers the same broad range of services in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi UAE and has been in the businees for 27 years in the UAE.


I ‘am glad to serve memco as long as I ‘am physically able to do my work”

I ‘am in the UAE from 1991, but I ‘am started working in MEMCO since 2002. What I have now is because of Memco. I ‘am sincerely and wholeheartedly working in the company. In Memco everybody learns to appreciate and respect each other. I ‘am honored to be a part of this company. I ‘am glad to serve Memco as long as I ‘am physically able to do my work and I ‘am wishing much happiness and success in the business.


“We are not only colleagues but like a family”

I would like to thank MEMCO Management for the opportunity of working with them.  Thank you for the continuing confidence and respect accorded to me. I have gained valuable skills and wealth of knowledge which I can use not only in my professional career but also on a personal level.  Co-workers come and go but the bond of friendship created during these years within MEMCO has helped me to brace myself to the demands of my work. We are not only colleagues but like a family.

1 Electrical Engineer Engineering 5 Years
2 Mechanical Engineer Engineering 5 Years
3 MEP Draftsman Engineering 3 Years