Managing & Planning MEMCO Group

Managing & Planning

memco’s management system is critical to the ultimate satisfaction of our clients’ requirements, and is central to balancing project objectives. Quality Assurance, or “getting it right the first time”, depends upon communication, team building, training, monitoring, and supervision, and above all, commitment to consistently high quality.

We have been managing for many years and we have built up an enormous amount of experience including the best way of getting the job done – simply and effectively. This experience has been documented within our formal and informal procedures and is a key contribution to our reputation for achieving quality design and high professional standards.

  • To critically assess invitation and tenders for suitability.
  • To establish the project correctly on day one with the right team on the right project with infrastructure clearly identified and planned.
  • To formally review projects at key stages and to confirm that our designs and services meet the project brief whilst ensuring that changes are identified and addressed quickly and effectively.
  • To bring the project to a successful conclusion and critically appraise the project against the client's expectations as well as those of our own.
  • To build and project a culture of consistently high quality.
  • To have our professional services seen as being world class.